Accessibility Statement

The accessibility statement applies to the website

Website publication date: : 2014-05-01.
Last major update: 2024-02-13.

The website is partially compliant with the Act of April 4, 2019, on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities due to the inconsistencies or exclusions listed below:

    • Certain content (photos, images, and videos) published on the site may be inaccessible because they were published before the Digital Accessibility Act came into force. Should you require access to these items, kindly reach out to us with the specific details of what you need and how we should adjust it.
      • Some videos do not have subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.
      • Archival items published before September 23, 2018, may be inaccessible. We are not legally obliged to adapt these documents.
      • Maps are excluded from the obligation to ensure accessibility.
      • There will be errors in HTML semantics that do not affect the overall accessibility of the site, and the correctness of its display in browsers.

The website supports standard browser keyboard shortcuts and offers the option to switch to high contrast mode.

The institution does not provide mobile apps.

The statement was made on: 2024-03-29, based on a self-assessment carried out by Workshops of Culture.

Feedback and contact person
If you have any problems with the website’s accessibility, please contact us. The person to contact is Marcelina Gzyl ,
You can also contact us by calling 81 533 08 18 or by sending a text message to the phone number: 698 462 541

Everyone has the right to request digital accessibility to the website, mobile application or any elements thereof. You can also request information to be made available using an alternative means of access, for example by reading out a digitally inaccessible document, describing the content of a video without audio description, etc.

The request should contain the particulars of the person filing the request, indication of the website or mobile application it concerns and contact information. If the requesting person reports the need to receive information by means of an alternative method of access, they should also specify a convenient mode of presenting such information to them.

Workshops of Culture should promptly satisfy the request, not later than within 7 days from the date the request was filed.
If this deadline cannot be met, Workshops shall promptly notify the person filing the request about the time when the request can be satisfied.

If the provision of digital accessibility is not possible, Workshops shall offer alternative access to the information. Please contact the aforementioned person. If the public entity refuses to comply with the request to provide accessibility or an alternative method to access the information, the person filing the request may lodge a complaint regarding the provision of digital accessibility to the website, mobile application or an element of the website or mobile application. After exhausting the above-mentioned procedure, an application may be filed with the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Architectural accessibility
The main offices Workshops of Culture in Lublin are located in the Old Town at Grodzka 5a street in historic buildings that are not fully accessible to persons with disabilities (two-storey, no lifts or ramps). Our website describes the accessibility of the building, including vital passageways. We are happy to assist anyone wishing to visit us despite the obstacles. Our team has been trained in basic assistance for persons with disabilities.

The closest parking area for persons with disabilities is in front of Lublin’ Cathedral, about 300 metres away from the offices of Workshops of Culture. For more information about parking spaces in the area, please visit (Polish). The streets of the Old Town are cobblestone-covered, therefore covering the distance from the parking lot to the building may require assistance.

To reach Workshops of Culture, you can take a bus. The closest bus stops are: Krakowska Gate BRAMA KRAKOWSKA 01 [bus lines, 4, 6, 17, 39, 156, 160, N1, N2], BRAMA KRAKOWSKA 03 [bus lines 5, 22, 52] – both stops are at Lubartowska street, about 270 metres away from Workshops of Culture, BRAMA KRAKOWSKA 02 [bus lines 4, 39, 904, N1, N2], BRAMA KRAKOWSKA 04 [bus lines number 1, 6, 17, 23, 156, 160, 950] – both stops are at Królewska street, about 350 metres away from Workshops of Culture, the central bus station DWORZEC GŁÓWNY PKS 01 [bus lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 17, 18, 22, 29, 31, 32, 34, 39, 52, 57, 150, N2], the central bus station DWORZEC GŁÓWNY PKS 02 [bus lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 17, 18, 22, 23, 29, 31, 32, 34, 39, 52, 57, 150, N2] – both stops are at Al. Tysiąclecia and are about 400-500 metres away from Workshops of Culture.

The toilet in the building at Grodzka 5a is on the 2nd floor and has increased accessibility (doors 90 cm wide, grab bars by the toilet bowl and basin)

The toilets in the building at Grodzka 7 are on the first and second floors and are not adapted for persons with mobile disabilities, the blind or visually impaired.

Entering Workshops is possible with the help of service dogs, but blind and visually impaired persons should be aware that climbing the stairs may be difficult. We have a wheelchair ramp that makes it easier to access the corridor and patio of the building at Grodzka 7.

Neither of our two buildings is equipped with induction loops. There are no Braille or colour contrasting signs or markings in enlarged print for the blind and visually impaired.

Workshops of Culture also operate a Photography Studio, which is located at 3 Kowalska street. The entrance to the Studio is accessed via several narrow steps, approximately 1 metre in width. The doorway itself is 90 cm wide, with a very limited space preceding it. Within the studio, you will find a small dark room, which you access through an entrance that’s also about 90 cm wide. The studio is not equipped with induction loops, Braille or colour contrasting signs or markings in enlarged print for the blind and visually impaired.

Attendees of our events have the option to borrow noise-cancelling headphones, suitable for both children and adults.
Currently, Workshops of Culture cannot offer continuous Polish Sign Language translations. However, if a request for Sign Language interpretation is made at least 5 days before your intended visit, such interpretation will be arranged. Requests can be made via phone, email, fax, or in person at the front office located on the first floor of the Grodzka 7 building. If the request cannot be accommodated, Workshops of Culture will notify the requester, providing an explanation and suggesting a feasible date for fulfilling the request or proposing an alternative method to exercise your rights.

We also want to inform you that many of our staff have completed a basic course in Polish Sign Language, while others are currently taking advanced courses. Workshops of Culture continue to improve the accessibility of their activities. They are working to improve their qualifications in accessibility, aiming to remove barriers and ensure that the events they organise are available to everyone.

The page: Accessibility of Workshops of Culture presents videos documenting our buildings and routes leading to individual rooms. Individuals requiring any additional information regarding the accessibility of our institution, are encouraged to contact us via email at or by phone at 81 533 08 18 or 698 462 541.