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Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Logo Noc Kultury

Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Biodanza ® Sistema Rolando Toro – movement workshops held by Bena Bożena Tarka and Przestrzeń Pracy Twórczej Fararara

Biodanza is a system of self-development utilizing music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. It is body-oriented and uses archetypal gestures and movements. To experience Biodanza, we need music, a group of people, and movement. This method was created by psychologist, anthropologist, and artist Rolando Toro in Chile and is now practiced worldwide. In 2019, the first Biodanza School was established in Poland. The workshop will be led by one of the thirteen individuals who teach Biodanza classes under the supervision of Micaela Bianco and Agnieszka Sut. Join us and try Biodanza!

Organised by: Bena Bożena Tarka – Przestrzeń Pracy Twórczej Fararara


When: 3 June, 19.00-21.00
Where: Archidiakońska 6
Admission: 15 places

The event is finished.


Saturday, 03 June 2023


19:00 - 21:00


Archidiakońska 6