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Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Logo Noc Kultury

Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Film Screenings in the Old Theatre | SPOTS OPEN SOON


When: June 1, 2024

21:00 – 21:45 – Na żywo (Live), Bon Appetit

23:00 – 23:45 – Na żywo (Live), Bon Appetit

Where: The Old Theatre, Jezuicka 18
Admission: REGISTRATION REQUIRED. 120 seats for each show. SPOTS OPEN SOON


Bon Appetit, documentary, 31 min.

Grażyna and Misiek run a cosy takeaway dinner bar in Warsaw’s Wola district. They spice up their daily routine with ironic conversations, tabloid gossip, and dreams of hitting the lottery jackpot. For anyone in need of a recipe for a better mood, getting to know this duo is a must. “Bon Appetit” is a humorous tale about a unique place and the vibrant characters who bring it to life.

Directed by: Kuba Maciejko
Produced by: Wajda Studio
Screenplay: Kuba Maciejko, Rafał Samborski
Cinematography: Magda Kowalczyk
Editing: Rafał Samborski
Sound: Maciej Krupa, Dariusz Wancerz

Na żywo (Live), feature film, 14 min

Peaceful protests in Minsk following the fatal beating of a Belarusian oppositionist are quelled by the police. Journalists from an independent Belarusian television station are the only ones broadcasting the events live from the windows of a nearby building. When a police drone targets them, they must quickly decide whether to continue reporting or prioritise their safety. What will prevail – truth or freedom? A film inspired by true events.

Additional information:

The film uses fragments of broadcasts by Katerina Andreeva and Daria Chultsova from Change Square and Studio Belsat broadcast on November 15, 2020. The film’s screenplay was selected as part of the 15 Minutes to Premiere action by the Wajda School Foundation by a jury consisting of: Jakub Czekaj, Wojciech Marczewski, Karolina Mróz, Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Katarzyna Warzecha.

Directed by: Mara Tamkovich
Produced by: Wajda Studio
Coproduction: Documentary and Feature Film Studio, Belsat TV
Screenplay: Mara Tamkovich
Cinematography: Krzysztof Trela
Editing: Katarzyna Leśniak
Sound: Joanna Napieralska, Jerzy Murawski
Music: Martyna Kacprowicz
Cast: Aliaksandra Vaitsekhovich, Palina Chabatarova, Andrei Novik, Ketevan Asratashvili, Sawielij Goroszczenia, Alina Koushyk, Vital Babin, Juraś Wysocki (voice)
Producers: Filip Marczewski, Katarzyna Madaj-Kozłowska
Set design: Martyna Solecka
Makeup: Dorota Herman

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Saturday, 01 June 2024


21:00 - 23:45


The Old Theatre, Jezuicka 18 


The Old Theatre