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Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Logo Noc Kultury

Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Hologarden – an installation by MCSU art students under the guidance of B.Niścior: M. Smyk-Pupiec, W. Szczepanik, E. Sytyk, P. Ladowska, O.Nowak, W. Rzążewska, M. Szymański, N. Derlukiewicz


A homemade hologram, created using a flat-screen TV, is the centerpiece of this exhibit. Holography enables the three-dimensional capture of an object’s image. In this instance, the object showcased will be from the botanical realm – a whimsical flower or maybe exotic leaves Find out as you explore the city during your nocturnal cultural wanderings

Artists: “Hologarden” lets you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. It highlights the fragility and fleeting nature of the organic world, which is underscored by the project’s chosen form. Our flowers cannot be touched; they can only be observed as they develop, from bud to decay.  This series of images painted with light encourages reflection, not just on transience, but also on the threats associated with our civilization’s rapid development and the destruction of natural areas.

Created by: MCSU art students under the guidance of Barbara Niścior
Project coordinator: Maya Smyk-Pupiec,
team: Weronika Szczepanik, Ewa Sytyk, Pola Ladowska, Oliwia Nowak, Wiktoria Rzążewska, Michał Szymański, Natalia Derlukiewicz


When: 1/2 June 2024, 19.00-0.00
Where: “Gardzienice” Gallery, Grodzka 5a
Admission free

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Saturday, 01 June 2024


19:00 - 00:00


Gardzienice Gallery, Grodzka 5a


dr hab Barbara Niścior with students of MCSU Faculty of Arts