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Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 | Lublin – Old Town

Logo Noc Kultury

Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024| Lublin -Old Town

Sfumato and disco polo – exhibition of Katarzyna Sienkiewicz’s paintings

The title of the exhibition is also the name of a poem-painting that opens the volume of walkways woven from both old disco polo song lyrics and “table” songs, which are a kind of equivalent of this trend in Belarusian and Ukrainian culture. The connotations with folk art, which permeates the music known from weddings, television, discos, or festivals, will be emphasised by a fabric and tapestry background imitating traditional weavings on looms, rugs, or ceremonial towels.

Intriguing collage arrangements of words, written in specially designed typography for weaving techniques, will be particularly readable in the dark as they will be covered with luminescent pigment.

Kitschy romantic poetry, built from organic squares and stripes, will allow the audience to “connect the dots” and thus read it carefully, as well as to see traces of irony.

The eponymous sfumato involves soft, gentle blurrings, misty color transitions associated with Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and her understated, mysterious landscape background, which the artist tried to find in source texts during in-depth research. Interestingly, many of them contain recurring elements such as silvery shimmer, shadow, mist, white swans, or red rowan berries, which echo pagan beliefs.

Created by: Katarzyna Sienkiewicz


When: 3 June, 19.00-22.00
Where: Gardzienice Gallery, Grodzka 5a – underground
Admission free


The event is finished.


Saturday, 03 June 2023


19:00 - 22:00


Gardzienice Gallery - underground, Grodzka 5a