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Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Logo Noc Kultury

Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Visible/Invisible – a botanical Installation by Dzikorośla Studio

An invisible boundary separates the space into what is visible and what is hidden from the viewer. Vegetation emerges from within the tenement while remaining separated from it by an impenetrable barrier. Sharp, visible plant fragments contrast with their blurred, mist-enveloped sections. This boundary emphasises the contrast between the two spaces while maintaining the building’s architectural coherence. The mist’s invisible border encloses the jungle within its confines, extending the building’s wall and tightly filling the window frames. The surreal presence of a jungle fragment amidst the cityscape elicits a disconcerting and unsettling atmosphere. In the Visible/Invisible installation, I merge human-defined, geometric elements with the natural, untamed, and primal – the unrestrained, lush vegetation of tropical forests. I embed botanical elements into the living tissue of the city, creating an extraordinary entity that merges two distinct realities.


When: 3/4 June 2023, 19.00-2.00
Where: Dominikańska st. / window
Admission free

The event is finished.


Saturday - Sunday, 03 - 04 June 2023


19:00 - 02:00


Dominikańska st.