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Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

Logo Noc Kultury

Night of Culture | 1/2.06 2024 |  Lublin – Old Town

You Are a Work of Art. Interactive Gallery of the Youth – exhibition by The Steiger Poland Foundation

The world is full of wonders, from distant travels to unique flavours, languages, culture, art, music, and film. However, we often fail to appreciate the beauty of simple things, such as sunrises and sunsets, morning dew, birdsong, and May nights. We also tend to overlook the value of other people, passing by them indifferently and sometimes treating them with superiority and contempt. Yet, people and their stories, beauty, and diversity (our diversity!) are the most fascinating things in the world. We invite you to visit an interactive photo gallery by Monika Mraczek, featuring dozens of different people. Our gallery is not just a collection of photos but also includes descriptions of individual stories, experiences, emotions, and perceptions of people and their relationship with the Creator. Take a moment to marvel at creation today and appreciate the beauty of other people. Look in the mirror and realise that you too are a part of this gallery. Our photographers will take your picture, and young interviewers will ask you to share your story.

Organised by: The Steiger Poland Foundation




When: 3 / 4 June 2023, 29.00-00.00
Where: Litewski Square 3
Admission free


The event is finished.


Saturday, 03 June 2023


19:00 - 00:00


Litewski Square 3